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MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILITY: If you are an employee of Frederick County Public Schools or Frederick Community College, you, your spouse, and family members may join FERKO. There is no requirement that family members live in the same household. All that is required is that you maintain a balance of $5.00 in your shares account for one year, then $25.00 thereafter. You may also have money deducted directly from your pay and placed into your FERKO account. Once you are a member, you will always be a member until you close your account. If you terminate your employment with Frederick County Public Schools or Frederick Community College you are still a member of FERKO until you close your account.

Have you recently moved? Please let us know if you have moved. If you have and you haven’t received your September statement, please email us at ferkomfcu@comcast.net or call us at 301-662-7266.


Mortgages are now available through the Credit Union Mortgage Association. Call our Ferko First Mortgage Hotline at 571-328-5103 or click here  for more information. You can also click on the Mortgages tab on this website.

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